Managing stress at work

This article discusses ways for managing stress at work. It recommends focusing on one task at a time, taking mini-breaks, eating right and exercising, and meditating. Managing stress at work is essential in the workplace and can be done through various stress management techniques. Stress influences employees’ health, performance, andContinue Reading

office fit out ideas

Look for chairs with a seat slider that allows the user to slide the seat in and out while sitting in the chair. It is desirable that the chair has a pneumatic adjustment so that the height of the seat can be adjusted while sitting in the chair. A chairContinue Reading

strange exercise machines

Even though it may seem as though it’s been ingrained in society since the dawn of time, the culture surrounding physical fitness remains a relatively new invention. Back before the days of 24-hour gyms and at-home exercise gear, people got their workout by simply living their everyday lives. As darkContinue Reading