5 Tips On Wearing Your Colour Contact Lenses Better

Colour contacts can transform your whole appearance, making your eyes look hypnotic. Good colour contacts do not just make your eyes more beautiful, they are comfortable to wear. This is why thousands of people are using colour contacts daily, enhancing the colour of their eyes to get that much more attractive look. You can use coloured contacts to improve your appearance. They can allow you to express your emotions without using your lips after all, our eyes speak louder than words.

If you’re wearing glasses or contacts, you can dress up your looks daily by wearing coloured, or Halloween-themed contact lenses. Whether you have 20/20 vision, or you wear glasses or contacts, coloured contacts can instantly change the way you see. Wearing coloured contacts that are larger in diameter in colour can make smaller eyes appear larger and prettier. If you are wearing cold or pink clothing, put on blue colour lenses to make the eyes pop out.

If you want something that will immediately stand out and draw attention from people, go with lenses that have bold colours. If you are going for a drastic change for a special occasion, try colours that have a darker hue and larger diameters. This will change the colour of your eyes entirely and create the appearance of an eye that is larger. If you have dark eyes and are looking for a subtle change, try matte colours with hazel or blue. If you have darker eyes, you may be fine going for colours such as pale brown and hazel.

If you have lighter eyes, going with darker colours such as brown or grey may give you a fresh look that is not going to be missed. If you have red hair or any colour with a lot of flashes, go with a darker coloured lens such as brown or grey. Do so if you do not want to appear overpowered by the number of vibrant colours that are all over you. If you have darker skin, a brightly coloured lens could make for a stunning new look. For an impactful look, opt for lenses that are uncharacteristic of your complexion, like tan contacts for pale skin and blonde hair, or blue contacts for olive skin.

Follow these tips to achieve the right eye colour with lenses from Soleko and Sclera. Remember, treat coloured lenses the same way as you treat any other kind of corrective contacts, and go only to an eye doctor to get the right prescription. When getting lenses, you should get them fitted by your doctor to make sure they are comfortable and will give the proper visual improvement. Your eye doctor may also be able to teach you how to properly take care of your contacts so that there is a lower likelihood of infections. Proper contact care helps keep your eyes healthy and may extend the lifespan of your contacts.

Do not wear contacts when sleeping, unless your eye doctor says it is OK. As with inserting contacts, handle your lenses only after washing your hands thoroughly and drying them thoroughly. So, that you do not get any infections in your eyes. Clean your hands and/or your tweezers and contact lens application tools before picking up or wearing your lenses.

Follow your eye care professionals or manufacturers’ instructions, and clean your lenses after you have removed them, unless it is daily-wear contacts. When you take your lenses out at night, make sure to use a solution recommended by your healthcare provider. Wear the lenses for only as long as your doctor says is safe, and change lenses on a scheduled basis. When you first get contacts, your doctor will suggest a wear schedule to help acclimate your eyes to the lenses.

On the first day of wearing, try to wear the contacts for 5-8 hours. This is so that your eyes can adjust to the feeling of wearing contacts and become used to them. The amount of time you can wear contact lenses without removal varies depending on the manufacturer. It is always best to try to take your eyes off or sanitize them by cleaning. Clean them properly with contact lens solution at least twice per week. Never wear lenses constantly for longer than 30 days. This may also vary depending on the person and how much longer they are comfortable wearing the contacts.

If you are looking to pick coloured contacts to wear every day, be it at work or school. The best option is monthly lenses as having to change out a new pair every month can get quite expensive. Maybe you can experiment freely with different coloured contacts if your destination is to go to a costume party. If you want to use coloured contacts for school or work, it is best to pick colours that are discreet .

It is fine to buy a pair of coloured contact lenses for colouring your eyes. But you will want to do so properly so as not to cause injuries and infections. Approved site like Colour Your Eyes are reputed, so you do not have to worry about the quality. Make sure that you are taking the appropriate care when applying and removing contact lenses to avoid infection. You must wear contacts that fit well so you can keep good eyesight and your desired appearance. If you experience discomfort or irritation, you should remove the contacts immediately and see an eye doctor.